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The National Research University - Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU) implements its own development program for 2010-2019. The National Research University Category assumes equally effective implementation of educational and research activities based on the principles of integration of science and education. Promising research, production and educational initiatives of MGSU as the National Research University meet the following identified Programme priority areas of

the (PPA):

• housing and architecture;

• high technology in construction and architecture

(including design, construction, technical upgrading and operation of high-risk, technically complex and unique objects)

An integral aspect of the innovation activities of the university, along with the knowledge generation, are:

- effective transfer of technology to the real sector of the economy,

- carrying out a wide range of fundamental and applied research,

- presence of highly-effective system of training of masters and highly qualified scientific personnel,

- developed programmes for retraining and advanced training of specialists.

For the practical implementation of the Program, MGSU created and successfully developed scientific and technical complex (STC), which is a set of scientific and scientific-research and production units engaged in the execution of works and research on the general scientific direction, personnel target training to the industry high-tech markets.

These features of the STC activities and structure determine the effectiveness of the formation of the modern domestic industry research-and-production center on its base.

University staff consists of 1195 scientists including 166 Doctors of Science, 606 PhDs, 418 postgraduate students. All staff is involved in practice activity.

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