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Testimonials | Summer School RE3 2021

Testimonials | Summer School RE3 2021

Testimonials | Summer School RE3 2021

Here are the rewiews of former school participants about the time they spent at MGSU. Go ahead to find out how it was!

Viet_summer school  Nguyen Viet Hoang
University of Kassel, Germany

Like many other urban planning students, either I have what I call an urban planner addiction to analyze, critique, and question everything that can be seen in cohesive buildings. As a world traveler, I love to travel in my free time to learn about new countries and cultures. This mentioned addiction is intensified with each new destination. 

At the Summer school at MGSU, I had the unique opportunity to pursue my interests, explore one of the largest, most chaotic and fascinating cities in the world and understand how this cosmopolitan city works, while starting to learn Russian, my sixth language. With professional help we analyzed this metropolis, criticized the mistakes of the past building eras, and questioned the current development. 

Finally, I was able to meet and work with a bunch of very cool people from all over the world. From this, close friendships have formed for me even after that time. It was simply a once-in-a-lifetime experience with an impact on my own personal and academic future, for which I am grateful be part of this opportunity provided by MGSU!

Lawson Arielle Grace
Hunter College, USA
Getting to go to Moscow was such a unique opportunity! I really enjoyed visiting all of the various housing projects in the city and getting to learn the history behind them, especially with such an interesting group of professors and students. It’s definitely sparked an interest in continuing to learn more about Soviet housing history!

Zenkina Alice
MGSU, Russia

After online lectures and practices, Moscow Summer School was like a breath of fresh air. For me, it was really rare experience to communicate and work with students from different countries. As one of the little helpers of the organizers, I liked to see the faces of the guys when they learned something new about our country, visited the sights and tried to speak Russian. They even sang a song at the end of the course, it was so cute. Thanks to the amazing professors and guys, who took part at this! It was really inspiring adventure.

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