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135px-Flag_of_Afghanistan_svg.png   Afghanistan

Gawharshad University

Kabul Polytechnic University


National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia



Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction


Belarusian National Technical University

Belarusian-Russian University

Belarusian State Agricultural Academy

Brest State A.S. Pushkin University

Brest State Technical University

Mozyr State Pedagogical University named after I.P.Shamyakin

Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

China.jpg  China 

Beijing Jiaotong University 

Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture 

Harbin Institute of Technology

Heilongjiang Institute of Foreign Languages

Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology 

Henan building materials research and Design Institute Co.,Ltd.

Northeastern University

Shandong Transport University

Shandong Water Polytechnic

Shanghai Institute of Technology

Shenyang Jianzhu University

South China University of Technology

Tianjin Chengjian University

  Donetsk People's Republic

Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Priazovsky State Technical University


Egyptian Russian University (ERU)

Menoufia University


M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences

  Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Modiriat Tejarat Pars Karen

Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University

Shakhes Pajouh Research Institute 


Technion - Israel Institute of Technology


Mongolian University of Science and Technology


University of Belgrade

University of Pristina

  South Africa

VAAL University of Technology ("VUT")


University of A Coruña

250px-Flag_of_Syria.svg.png   Syrian Arab Republic

Damascus University

Tishreen University


Tajikistan Institute of Energy

M.S.Osimi Tajik Technical University


Krirk University


Balikesir University 


Buxoro Muhandislik-Texnika Instituti

Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute

Karakalpak state university named after Berdakh

Samarkand State Architectural and Civil Engineering Institute

Tashkent Architecture and Civil EngineeringInstitute 

Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers

  Viet Nam

Le Quy Don Technical University

Vietnam Institute for Building Materials

Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology

Hanoi Architectural University

National University of Civil Engineering

Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture

Thuyloi University

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